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What Can a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Do For You?

Posted on: October 14, 2016

A South Florida commercial real estate lawyer can handle a wide range of different types of transactions that are related to commercial properties or advise you on them. These transactions include the purchasing, selling, financing, leasing, acquisition, and development of commercial properties. Most experienced commercial real estate lawyers typically work with a wide range of different types of clients including corporations, individuals, small businesses, financial institutions and others.  

A commercial real estate attorney can help you negotiate the right agreement

Regardless of the type of transaction you may be involved in, a commercial real estate attorney in South Florida can assist you with drafting and negotiating the crucial agreements that cover the terms of the deal. Commercial real estate negotiations can end up being quite complicated, and you benefit from having an experienced attorney available to answer any questions that you may have and to negotiate the best possible agreements and deal. Your lawyer can also step in when negotiations start to break down in order to save the deal or speed it up ensure that it is completed in the timeframe that you need it.

You may want advice on a particular property

Your attorney can also advise you on a particular commercial property and whether or not it will meet your unique goals and expectations. For example, you might need to know if a particular property can be used for your intended business, or if a type of lot is suitable for development. If you need any type of input on whether or not a commercial property will work for your specific goals, your attorney can offer a trustworthy and knowledgeable opinion so that you don’t get stuck with a property that you can’t use the way that you intended.

Your lawyer can also assist with closing

It’s also common to hire a Broward County or South Florida commercial real estate attorney when you are about to close on a commercial real estate deal. Your attorney can help prepare for the closing by ensuring that the parcel of land or the building has a clear title. Your attorney may check for liens, conduct a title search and ensure that there are no problems in the chain of title or the deed. You can also request that your attorney performs a final review of your purchase or sale agreements and also organizes the closing documents.

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