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Best Time of Year to Buy a Luxury Home in South Florida

Posted on: August 30, 2019

Purchasing A Luxury Home In South Florida

Florida is known for having sun all year round, so you may think any time is a good time to purchase a luxury home here. However, there are highs and lows in the market, and knowing how the real estate sphere behaves in Florida can truly benefit your home buying experience. 

A luxury real estate lawyer in Florida can be your best asset to navigate the local market and find the neighborhoods that offer a balance of prestige, square footage and amenities.

Read on to discover the best time to buy a luxury home in South Florida.

How Much Does Timing Matter?

When it comes to purchasing luxury real estate, timing matters. Markets differ by state, county, and even city, but in South Florida, median sales prices can differ by tens of thousands of dollars depending on the season. This is a huge chunk of money, so it’s vital that you have a reliable law firm on your side and real estate experts that know the local market inside and out.

When Should I Buy a Luxury Home in Florida?

Two main factors to consider when purchasing your home are price and inventory. Pricing will often likely be lower in the winter, and those selling in this time are likely to want to get rid of their home quickly. 

On the other hand, inventory is often lowest in the summer. Not many people are looking to sell their homes, so the homes that are available tend to go for higher prices. 

In recent years both seasons have been competitive in the luxury market, so if you find an amazing location or something special, be prepared to negotiate and shell out some extra money. 

It’s helpful to have a luxury real estate lawyer in Florida to help you find excellent buying opportunities regardless of the season.

Tips for Buying a Luxury Home in Florida

No matter when you buy, it is crucial to have an expert team on your side as you’re navigating the world of real estate. Be sure to get a good real estate agent that knows the local market, set a budget, and secure financing. 

It’s also helpful to secure a real estate lawyer in Florida to help you negotiate your contract once you find your dream luxury home. This is where we come in. Mark Schecter has been helping families find their dream Florida homes for years, and we will help you understand your contract from start to finish. We can also assist with your closing. To learn more, contact us today at (954)-779-7009.