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Benefits of Biophilic Office Design

Posted on: March 14, 2019

Importance Of Interior Design

Interior design may not be the first thing commercial real estate investors are thinking about when considering purchasing a property. But perhaps they should. It’s important that buyers stay up-to-date on trends in office and residential space design, so they can purchase, renovate, or build a building that will both attract tenants and meet their needs.

Biophilic, or the inclusion of the living world, design is one of the most popular current trends in office design. Increasingly, companies are seeing the positive effects of having natural materials built into the layout of their spaces. Your office building might not be Amazon’s rainforest sphere in Seattle, but there are still ways to ensure your building lends to a nature-friendly design.

Elements of Biophilic Design

There are many different elements of biophilic design that both the property owner and tenants can use in common and private spaces.

Plants are typically what come to mind when you talk about biophilic design. This can include anything from simple indoor plants to trendy floor-to-ceiling green walls. Another way to bring the outdoors in is by mimicking nature in the building’s finishes. Incorporate natural wood tones and stone in the design for a design that resembles elements of nature. Natural light is an important element of commercial real estate design. Large windows allow light to come, but also offer views of nature from the desk. Finally, creating and utilizing a building’s outdoor spaces – patio, terrace, garden – is another great way to give the building a natural feel.

Of course, individual offices will design and decorate how they choose, but there are plenty of ways the landlord can create spaces that lend to biophilic design, as well as employ it in the foyer and other shared areas.

Benefits to Tenants and Owner

There are plenty of benefits associated with biophilic design. For one, overall employee wellbeing is said to increase. Both physiological and psychological wellbeing of employees is said to increase with biophilic design. This leads to employee satisfaction and retention, which ultimately leads to a stable work environment. Biophilic design is also said to increase productivity.

Happy, healthy employees not only affect the company’s success, but also that of the building owner. Property managers strive to have long-term tenants and avoid high turnover, which can be costly.

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