Always Hire a South Florida Real Estate Lawyer Before you Sign a Contract

Posted on: May 21, 2014

 Signing a real estate contract before hiring a South Florida real estate lawyer is almost always a mistake and can result in major financial losses to you if an issue arises at any point after the contract has been signed. For instance, problems with the structure such as mold, flooding or foundation issues can spring up later on and cost you thousands of dollars long after the deal has been closed. A favorable contract will give you a remedy such as the termination of the agreement or a requirement for the seller to pay repair costs even after you have signed the contract. However, to guarantee that the contract is favorable to your interests, you will need to hire an experienced attorney prior to signing the contract. No matter what type of real estate contract you may be dealing with, you should hire a lawyer prior to signing it. As a buyer you will have a much stronger position when it comes time for preliminary or final negotiations. As a seller it is almost always a must to have a lawyer draft the initial purchase agreement and handle other important matters related to the sale of the property.

You cannot assume that your real estate agent will be able to review your contract and give you advice on it. Many people mistakenly rely on their real estate agent to consult with them if legal questions arise during contract negotiations and are totally unaware that their agent cannot legally advise them on these matters at all. Real estate agents can help with many aspects of the process of finding a property, but when it comes time to draft and review the contract, buyers and sellers should both rely on a South Florida real estate attorney to represent them. The flat rate cost for a South Florida real estate lawyer is well worth avoiding the potential hassles and financial headaches resulting from legal issues that weren’t spotted during negotiations or at closing.

Out of town purchases, properties susceptible to weather damage, and short sales or foreclosures will have complex contracts and should be handled by a veteran South Florida real estate lawyer to avoid mistakes, not a real estate agent. Experienced real estate attorneys have seen hundreds of real estate contracts and know how to spot any terms in the contract that are contrary to your interests. Call Schecter Law today if you need an experienced and a highly skilled real estate attorney to represent you before you sign your real estate contract