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A Look At 2021 Luxury Real Estate In South Florida

Posted on: December 14, 2020

What Does 2021 Have In Store For Luxury Real Estate?

Many feared that 2020 would have dismantled the Luxury Real Estate Market in South Florida but in recent news, some of the top experts in their field and sectors weighed in and the overall feel throughout the market is that it is doing well and will continue to thrive despite the pandemic.  

Those engaged in the South Florida Real Estate Market have always understood the underlying value of Florida as a whole and what it has had to offer to both those looking to relocate as well as those looking to invest.  The fact of the matter is that tropical living has always and will always attract visitors, tourists, and investors, therefore, Florida is a consistent source of growth and opportunity.  With the pandemic, there were fears that growth would slow or cease, but as it happens, Florida is still flourishing. South Florida Real Estate still provides the lifestyle that those coming from the north favor as they look to settle in and lay down roots.

Value Of South Florida Luxury Real Estate

Unfortunately, if you are in the market for a Luxury home and were hoping to obtain a property below market value, you may not be in luck.  Fortunately for those looking to sell a Luxury Home, the value of Luxury Homes continue to keep their value. Speaking to those who were hoping to invest in a luxury home at a lower outlay, they are now finding that they missed their mark and will have to continue shopping in a competitive environment for many sought after neighborhoods.

A Dynamic And Growing Surge In Florida Markets

Growing and thriving markets are dealing with bidding wars and an influx of interests that they may soon not be able to keep up with. Some of these areas in Florida Include:

Get Help Buying Now

With an explosion of interest and movement in the South Florida Luxury Real Estate Market, the advice on the market block is to buy now. Now is the time to cement your interest and begin making your final decisions on locations. After deciding on the best locations for you, you need to begin to structure your offer and plan. 

The best way to ensure that you can obtain the property best suited for you and your family’s needs is to work with an experienced Luxury Real Estate Attorney in South Florida.  Contact Mark Schecter and get ahead of your purchase plans by understanding the market, setting up your end game goal, and executing a plan to get into the community of your choice. 2021 has an expected growth that was unforeseen during the pandemic but is very visual now. The Florida market for Luxury Real Estate in 2021 is only going to surpass 2020’s growth.