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5 Tips for Selling a Luxury Home in South Florida

Posted on: January 18, 2020

Luxury Home Seller Tips In South Florida

With the South Florida residential luxury real estate market peaking and high demand in several neighborhoods, now is an ideal time to consider selling your home. If you plan on selling, it’s a good idea to meet with a South Florida luxury real estate attorney to discuss preparing for your closing, negotiating the purchase agreement and other legal matters. Prior to all that, these 5 tips can help you prepare for a successful sale.

Market the home effectively

You’ll want to work with a real estate attorney in South Florida as well as an agent with extensive experience in luxury home marketing. The internet has changed how homebuyers search for luxury homes. It’s crucial to have a presence on real estate focused websites such as Zillow and Redfin along with separate social media pages for the home on websites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Take quality photographs

The time and money you spend on a quality luxury home photographer will make all the difference and help draw more eyes to your online listings. It’s better to focus on a few high quality photos rather than adding higher quantities; and video will also go a long way in helping sell the home.

Time your sale and meet with experts

Right now is an excellent time to consider selling your home, as many neighborhoods in South Florida are experiencing record demand. That won’t always be the case. That’s why it’s essential to meet with a South Florida luxury real estate attorney to make sure you are selling your home at the right time for the highest price possible.

Think about the story behind the home

Every luxury home presents an opportunity for a new lifestyle for the new homeowner. Think about the lifestyle that you want to portray, the amenities that the home and surrounding neighborhood will offer, and create a story that will compel potential buyers to take interest and eventually make a purchase. The better your story is, the greater the likelihood of selling at your target price or even higher.

Don’t rush into a deal

The process can take time and you have to be patient when selling a luxury home. There are fewer potential buyers compared to regular homes and the final closing can have more moving parts. A licensed South Florida luxury real estate attorney can help you with several aspects of the selling process including representing you at your closing, drafting or review purchase agreements and more. Learn more about selling your home in South Florida by calling Schecter Law at (954)-779-7009.