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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for a Commercial Real Estate Attorney in South Florida

Posted on: July 24, 2017

As you delve into your next commercial real estate deal, you’ll want the advice of a qualified South Florida commercial real estate attorney before you get too far along in the process.

Below are 4 mistakes to avoid as you go about your next attorney search.

Mistake #1 – Waiting too long to hire an attorney

Sooner is better than later when it comes to retaining a commercial real estate attorney. You’ll want to hire one no later than the start of the contract negotiations.

When you’re hashing out the details of your purchase agreement or lease, an experienced attorney will catch potentially costly mistakes. It’s also a lot harder to fix problems with your agreement after the transaction is closed.

Mistake #2 – Relying on a legal document template website

You might be tempted to rely on a legal document template website to save money on drafting a contract. This puts you at risk of making an expensive mistake and will often cost you in the long run.

You’ll be taking a major risk that your contract will lack the terms needed to protect your interests and lower your liability, whether you are selling, buying or leasing a property.

Mistake #3 – Hiring an inexperienced attorney

Don’t pick your attorney friend or family member who has “dabbled” in commercial real estate for this job. You’ll want the advice of a seasoned expert when it comes to such an important transaction. The more experience that your attorney has in commercial property transactions, the more accurate and helpful your advice will be.

Mistake #4 – Choosing an attorney who isn’t located in South Florida

You might encounter some attorneys outside of South Florida who will offer to represent you. However, when hiring a commercial real estate attorney in South Florida, you’ll always want to choose one who actually lives and works in the area.

Local experience certainly matters when it comes to issues related to zoning, neighborhoods, property appreciation, city laws and ordinances. An attorney who lives in the area is much more likely to understand these nuances and provide you with accurate advice regarding them.

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