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4 Important Things to Know About Hiring a Real Estate Attorney

Posted on: March 27, 2017

Although some may prefer to complete their real estate transaction without legal advice, the cost of hiring a South Florida real estate attorney is far lower than dealing with an unfavorable contract or other legal problem after a closing has been finalized. Neglecting to proactively hire a real estate attorney all too often results in a wide range of expensive and unnecessary legal dilemmas.

1. Your real estate attorney can do much more than your realtor

A real estate attorney can advise you regarding any legal or contractual aspect of your home purchase or sale. Real estate agents can certainly help you find the right home or buyer, however they cannot accurately advise you regarding any legal implications of your purchase or sale, and as a result they may gloss over important details in order to speed up your closing.

A real estate attorney in South Florida is your best choice for handling the crucial legal aspects of your deal such as negotiating and renegotiating your contract, handling the title search, and representing you at your closing.

2. Relying on your agent is often not enough

Your attorney’s compensation is not connected to the success of your deal, but your agent’s compensation is. As a result, your agent may not necessarily always have your interests as their primary concern. They typically try to ensure that the deal is closed on favorable terms for their client, but they also have a strong interest in ensuring that the deal is closed in a timely manner so that they can be compensated.

3. Always hire an attorney who specializes in real estate

Don’t assume that just any attorney in South Florida will be able to assist you with your real estate transaction. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you’ll want to hire a real estate specialist with many years of experience in the market you are working in. Real estate law can be quite complex, and neglecting or overlooking just one detail can be costly to correct once a deal is finalized.

4. Don’t wait to call a real estate attorney

If you think you may need to hire a real estate lawyer for any reason, it’s best to avoid waiting to call to ensure that you have a legal expert available to represent you during any important negotiation. If you’ve already signed an agreement, there isn’t much you can do at that point. It takes just minutes to hire an appropriately qualified South Florida real estate lawyer to ensure that your contract and deal is favorable.

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