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4 Circumstances During Which You Should Consult a Business Attorney

Posted on: June 24, 2017

As a new or experienced small business owner, you may run into one or more pivotal circumstances during which you should hire a South Florida business formation lawyer for advice. A few of these scenarios are outlined below:

You’re deciding on your business structure

During the early phases of your business, you’ll want to guidance of an attorney to help determine which business structure you should choose.

This decision will impact your ability to obtain funding in the future, your personal liability, the potential for share allocation, tax obligations and many other important concerns.

Make the right business structure choice from the very beginning by hiring an attorney for guidance.

You need to draft or negotiate a contract

You’ll likely need to have contracts drafted at some point during the operation of your business. These contracts may be for contractors, employees, vendors, business partners, and other parties.

You’ll almost always want to have a business attorney draft your contracts rather than using premade agreements or drafting them on your own.

Your contracts need to have terms in them to protect you from liability and to comply with local regulations, and they need to be relevant to your specific business.

Negotiating the sale or purchase of a business

If you are purchasing an established business or selling one, there are many complexities involved and legal assistance is almost always required.

A business attorney in South Florida can assist you with a several important steps of your business purchase or sale including drafting an acquisition agreement, contract transfers, permit and license transfers, asset purchases, stock issuance, tax implications, and valuation.

Business acquisitions can be drawn out and complex, and there are multiple ways of going about them, so you’ll want expert legal advice from the very beginning.

Choosing a location

Some South Florida business formation lawyers with commercial real estate experience can help you find an appropriate location.

Your attorney can provide you with insights on the benefits and disadvantages of any property you are considering buying or leasing and also assist with contracts, negotiations, due diligence and closing.

Call Schecter Law for South Florida business advice

Mark Schecter at Schecter Law has many years of experience advising his clients on a full range of business formation, sale, merger, acquisition, and contractual issues.

For advice regarding any of the business scenarios mentioned above or others, contact Schecter Law today at (954) 779-7009.