3 Steps to Buying the Right Luxury Home in South Florida

Posted on: July 11, 2019

Luxury Home Buying Tips

There is a lot involved with purchasing a luxury home in South Florida – you will want to take your time and potentially hire a South Florida luxury real estate attorney to ensure that you make the right choice and to help with your closing.

A luxury home can and should be an investment, not just a beautiful place to live. With the right planning, you can find a premier luxury home in a neighborhood that will rise in value.

  1. Don’t just rely on photos: a photo can be worth a thousand words but can lack the feeling and experience you will get by visiting the property in person. What tends to happen is that buyers sometimes dismiss a potentially good fit based on the photos alone.  If there’s a potential home that is somewhat enticing, it might be worth a closer look in person, especially if it’s a nice neighborhood. Some luxury homes are less photogenic than others yet have an alluring quality that might convince you once you visit.
  2. Think about the future:  When you invest in a luxury home in South Florida you’re also investing in the surrounding neighborhood. It’s a good idea to talk to several local experts, agents, and even an experienced luxury real estate attorney in South Florida about the direction that the neighborhood is moving. You’re going to be tying up a nice chunk of cash in your home and will want to do everything possible to ensure that you can potentially sell your home for a nice appreciation once you move to the next option.
  3. Learn the top neighborhoods in the city you’re considering: It pays to do a little bit of research to find some of the premier luxury residential neighborhoods in the South Florida city you’re considering. Fort Lauderdale has exclusive options like Colee Hammock, Tarpon River, Victoria Park, etc. – each with its own vibe, architecture, attractions and more.

Think about the lifestyle you want and the type of neighborhood that would best serve your interests. Also, don’t hesitate to consider meeting with a South Florida luxury real estate attorney to discuss the local area and which option might be a good fit for your needs.

Your attorney can even assist with your closing and negotiations so that you save money and time while getting into the right home soon.

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