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3 Kinds of Smart Technology Every Homeowner Needs

Posted on: July 11, 2019

Smart Technology In Your Home

While smart technologies might not be top-priority features for homebuyers, they are becoming increasingly important – and even expected – elements in a home. In a late 2017 survey, more than 50 percent of agents polled said they use smart home technology – and this number is predicted to increase in the coming years.

What is Smart Home Technology?

Smart home technology is automated or smart-phone controlled technology, ranging from temperature control to security, to entertainment, to utility solutions. While most of these can be easily installed by the homeowner, it’s increasingly common that smart technology is already included in the design of a home on the market.

Whether you’re a real estate agent curious about smart features to highlight or a new homeowner looking to optimize your new property, smart home technology could be your new best friend. Not sure where to start? Consider these five smart home technologies that are must-haves for homeowners:

Temperature Control

Heating and cooling account for an average of about 50 percent of home energy use so this is a device that’s worth investing in. It is a great way to reduce your ecological footprint, save money on utilities, and enjoy optimum comfort. Smart temperature control devices allow you to automate your thermostat so that it regulates the temperature throughout the day. It also connects with your smartphone or computer, allowing you to turn off the air conditioning when you’re on vacation and turn it back on when you’re on your way home. 


Whether it’s an exterior camera or an alarm, most people have some kind of home security system. But smart systems are now taking over, offering an even more effective way to ensure your home is safe. Smart security systems can include cameras, motion detectors, voice recognition, as well as more traditional devices like alarms. These devices are often made to blend in with the home’s décor, making them undetectable.


This may not serve the same utilitarian purpose as temperature control or security but is an increasingly important factor to ensure homeowners love where they live. Smart home entertainment allows you to connect your TV to smartphones and other devices to play TV shows, movies, music, and games with ease. The ability to install a personalized smart entertainment system is something buyers look for when shopping for a new home.

Get Help Today

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you’ll want to discuss with your real estate team the advantages of smart home technology. Your South Florida residential real estate attorney can help you determine the right smart technologies for your home (hint: in the Sunshine State, it might be a temperature control system) and any rules and regulations to consider before investing.